Transformer Ride at Universal Studio Singapore

The Transformer ride at Universal Studios Singapore is a high technology 3-D simulator ride with special effects based on the popular Transformers movie franchise. It is located at the Sci-Fi City Zone of Universal Studios Singapore. Transformer Ride sets a new standard in immersive theme park attractions with realistic high definition 3D media, sophisticated visual effects, and one of the most elaborate roaming flight simulator systems ever integrated into a ride-car vehicle. The 5 minute ride takes up to 12 people seated inside a vehicle modelled after a new Autobot character called Evac. Moving along a track, the vehicle rocks and spins as it tries to avoid attacks from the villains, the Decepticons. Riders wear 3-D glasses as they are taken through 12 scenes shown on giant cinema screens that surround the vehicle. Transformer ride is one of the rides that you must not miss when you are at Universal Studios Singapore.

More description on the transformer ride

At the queue to the motion base 3D transformer ride, riders will be told that they are recruited on the NEST team, helping the Autobots defend Earth from the Decepticons. But before they finish training, they're rushed into battle with EVAC, a rookie Autobot, and told to take the Allspark - the Transfomers' source of power - to safety.

At the loading station, riders climb into a blue Autobot vehicle known as Evac, which explains the mission: Protect the AllSpark from the Decepticons. Riders will then be taken through 12 scenes shown on giant cinema screens that surround the vehicle.

Scene 1: Ravage, a mechanical Decepticon tiger grabs the AllSpark, leaps onto Evac's hood and claws at the riders.

Scene 2: An Autobot that is capable of transforming into a Volkswagen Beetle name Bumblebee, rescues Evac from the motorcycle-bot and depend on the riders to protect the AllSpark. Evac escapes the scene by crashing through a wall and rushing through city traffic.

Scene 3: At this scene, before the Autobots' leader, Optimus Prime, comes to the rescue, Evac is attacked by Megatron the leader of the Decepticons. Evac's riders manage to have an narrow escape during the battle

Scene 4: Megatron chase after Evac and the evil robot manages to capture Evac, who struggles and manages to break free.

Scene 5: Megatron fires a missile at Evac who maneuvers to avoid the oncoming shell, resulting in the tremendous explosion. Evac manages to escape through a hole blown in the side of a building by the missile.

Scene 6: Evac gets sucked into a whirling vortex generated by Devastator, a Decepticon created by combining several robots.

Scene 7: Evac was saved by a Lamborghini Autobot and the pair races through city streets battling Decepticons. During the chase, Evac fires a weapon at a bulldozer Decepticon, Bonecrusher.

Scene 8: At the second encounter with Devastator, Evac manages to escape but was grabbed by Starscream's grappling hook. The F-15 fighter jet Decepticon flings Evac through the air, sending Evac crashing into a building.

Scene 9: Optimus Prime and Megatron battle in a showdown between the alien robot leaders.

Scene 10: Autobot helicopters fire on Starscream, giving Evac a brief respite.

Scene 11: Optimus Prime and Megatron continue fighting on top of a skyscraper. While Megatron falls from the building, he pulls Evac over the edge with him and they hurtle headfirst towards the street below. Bumblebee suddenly leaps up and catches Evac.

Scene 12: With Megatron finally defeated, Optimus Prime congratulates Evac and the rider for accomplishing the mission and Evac heads to the unloading station where the passengers disembark.

Where the ride is located

Transformer ride is located at Sci-Fi City of Sinapore Universal studios

Height Requirement

Guests must be at least 102cm in height to ride.
Children 102cm to 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion

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