Sri Mariamman Temple

An impressive Hindu temple in Chinatown Singapore

Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore's oldest Hindu temple and it is an impressive structure in Chinatown. Built in the South Indian Dravidian style, most outstanding feature of this hindu temple is its impressive gopuram or entrance tower.

This hindu temple is first built in 1827 as a simple temple made of wood and attap and underwent several renovations. The temple was also known to devotees over the years as the Sithi Vinayagar and Gothanda Ramaswamy Mariamman Temple or, more simply, Mariamman Kovil. This place of worship has always been important in the daily lives of Singapore's Hindus.

The entrance tower is covered with figurative sculptures of gods and goddesses and mythological beasts. The tower is 6 levels tall that it is visible from afar so devotees can even say their prayers without stepping inside the temple. Each level is decorated with brightly coloured statues. The statues include Hindu gods seated in relaxed poses next to Indian soldiers, called sepoys, dressed in British army uniforms.

Same as other Hindu temples, there are certain rituals have to be observed.

  • Remove your shoes before you enter.
  • Devotees ask God to grant their requests at the door by ringing the bells before entering.
  • Devotees purify themselves by washing their hands and feet, and sprinkling water on their heads.
  • Look out for the aluminium enclosure next to the door which devotees break coconuts as a symbol of breaking their egos to reveal their pure and kind inner-selves.

Sri Mariamman Temple is dedicated to Sri Mariamman, The Great Goddness worshipped for health and prosperity. The annual firewalking festival, Thimithi, is celebrated at this temple

Visitors are advised to dress conservatively in the temple as this is a place of worship.

How to get there

Take the MRT to Chinatown station and take Exit A and walk along Pagoda Street towards South Bridge Road

Opening Hours

Daily : 6.00 am - 9.00 pm



More information

244 South Bridge Road Singapore 058793

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