Tok Kong Singapore Singlish Guide lah

Singapore Singlish, also know as Singapore English is a mixture of Malay, Hokkien and English. This is something unique in Singapore. If you pay more attention, you will hear the locals speaking this way very often. You may hear such words from the taxi driver, housewives, students and hawker owners.

Here are a few commonly used words or phrases that you can pick up for your Singapore holiday.

Commonly used Singlish

Singlish English Explanation
lah normally used at the end of an expression. E.g. Come here lah, Can lah, Wait lah
aiyoh an expression of frustration or dismay
aiyah an expression of dismay
alamak Oh my god
ang moh refer to a Caucasian
kalang kabok very blur
kopi Coffee
tok kong Best
wan/donwan Want/Don't want

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