Best Singapore shopping tips to avoid being cheated

These Singapore shopping tips will equip you with the necessary skills to avoid being cheated when you shop in Singapore. Though most of the retailers in Singapore have a fair business practice but there are always a few which will cause your shopping experience to be unpleasant. The Singapore shopping tips below will make you become a smart shopper and have a pleasant shopping experience in Singapore.

Do your homework before buying

Is always a good practice for you to know roughly the price of the item that you plan to buy so that you know whether the price quoted is too high or whether there is really a discount. Especially if you plan to buy electronics or computer products at Sim Lim Square. Try not to make hasty decisions to buy, spend some time browsing through a few shops to compare the prices. What I usually do is to go to big electronic shop at shopping mall such as "BEST", "Harvey Norman" or "Challenger" to get the price before I go to Sim Lim Square and shop.

Be aware that purchases made are usually final

Normally, retailers in Singapore practice strict no return, exchange or refund policies. So asked about their return policy before you make payment and always keep your receipts in case you need receipts for exchange of faulty goods that you bought.

Always keep your receipts

As mentioned, always ask for the receipt of the items that you purchase and always check the items printed on the receipts. It is a give make sure that it is charged in the receipts. This is to ensure that you did not pay for extra items. Receipts may also be required as proof when exchanging faulty items.

Verify your warranty covers

Most of the goods in Singapore do not have international warranty so always ask whether the warranty is covered for your home country. Do also remember to get the shop stamp and the product serial number on your warranty card. Take note that

  1. International warranties for mobile phones do not exist
  2. Warranty "Worldwide local warranty" does not means warranty worldwide or international warranty it actually mean warranty on the country of purchase
  3. Parallel imported items do not have warranty and retailers don't allow refunds, returns or exchanges so be careful

Always check before paying

Always check your items and every accessory in the package, make sure that it is working before you make any payment .

Where to complain if you got cheated?

Hope that the above mentioned Singapore shopping tips will prepare you for a pleasant shopping experience in Singapore but if you felt that you were cheated and would like to make a complaint, you should call Touristline at 1800 736 2000

To seek redress within 24 hours (depending on case-by-case basis), you can lodge your complaint directly with the Small Claims Tribunals (SCT) at 1 Havelock Square, first floor of Subordinate Courts. SCT will charge $10 for administration fee.

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