Singapore River

Singapore River is an important river and Singapore's most famous river. It is one of the 90 rivers in Singapore. Nearly all the surrounding land is commercial and entertainment. This is the place where Raffles made the 1st trading port of Singapore.

Located at the River, Asian Civilisations Museum traces the cultural roots of modern Singaporeans. It features a wide collection of exhibits from Southeast Asia, China, South Asia and Islamic World of West Asia in multimedia galleries. This is the first and only museum in the region that focuses on Asian cultures.

Bird sculpture by Fernando Botero that signifies peace and joy of living

A statue by Aw Tee Hong showing a merchant mediating between a Chinese trader and a Malay Chief, while Chinese and Indian coolies are loading goods onto the cart. A common sight in the old days of Singapore.

Children playing along the River

Some photos and a video showing the surroundings

A statue by Chern Lian Shan showing the financiers in the old days and the modern look. There is a Chinese clerk, the standing pig-tailed man, from the clearing house and an Indian clerk sitting on a low desk on a woven mat. These people would be a common sight in the old days of Singapore. To reflect the modern side of Singapore, there is a lady trader in a power suit that symbolize the economic growth of Singapore.

A statue by Malcolm Koh showing European merchants, Chinese Towkays, Chinese coolies with pigtails and Indian coolies with turbans. These important roles that grows hand in hand with Singapore and made what Singapore is today.

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