Singapore law that tourist need to know

Singapore law

"Singapore law is very strict" that is an oft-quoted comment from foreigners. Whether Singapore law is strict or not, as a tourist, it is better to keep on the right side of the law to enjoy your holiday. In this article we highlight those laws that tourists should know so that tourists will know what are the things not to do in Singapore.


I believe that most countries prohibit drug abuse, and Singapore is no different. The Law in Singapore views drug abuse gravely. Consumption, possession or illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances carry possible punishments of jail, fine, caning or even capital punishment.


Singapore is a conservative country and the law in Singapore disallows public nudity. There was once a couple who removed their clothing in public, and walked across the road to another pub, They were jailed for 8 weeks. Do remember you are not allowed to pose nude in any public places, even at seasides and do note there is no nude beach in Singapore.


Smoking is not allowed at most public places, especially non-open air spaces. Smoking is also prohibited in all entertainment and eating places except in spaces specifically marked as smoking area. If you get caught a fine of up to SGD 1000 can be imposed. Having said that, there will be places for smokers, which are usually outside the building. You will be able to find it easily because there will be a lot of smokers standing around smoking.

Don't bring in Chewing Gum

Take note, this is very important - chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore. This is another strict law that always comes under fire, chewing gum is banned in Singapore and this law was imposed since 1992. First time offenders will be fined from USD500 to USD1000 and repeat offender will be fined to USD2000 and assigned a Corrective Work Order(CWO).

Littering and spitting

Littering and spitting in public spaces is heavily frowned upon and severely punished. If you get caught for littering or spitting on the streets, you will be given a Corrective Work Order (CWO), which means you will have to wear the CWO jacket and made to sweep a public road or clean out public places as a form of community work for the punishment. So don't litter - if you get caught it is very embarrassing, much worse than paying a fine.


Though the traffic police are usually not vigilant in this area, if you get caught you will be in serious trouble. In Singapore, jaywalking is a serous offense and carries among the stiffest punishments. 1st time offenders may be charged up to USD400 (SGD500) or even up to 3 months imprisonment. For Repeat offenders, the felony can carry 5 to 6 months in jail or SGD2000 fine. So use the traffic light and overhead bridge, especially in Orchard road where there are lots of traffic police catching people jaywalking so be careful. Besides, the worst punishment of all is not one dealt by the law - jaywalking also increases risk of traffic accidents. Stay safe to enjoy your holiday.

Eating in MRT

Eating is prohibited in Mass-Rapid-transit (MRT). If get caught you will be fined up to SGD500 so if you are hungry eat before you get into an MRT station. Our laws may be strict, but they are here to keep you safe. Please obey Singapore law while you are here in order for your holiday to be enjoyable.

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