Singapore IR (Integrated Resort)

Singapore IR is the Singapore government strategic project to boost the Singapore tourism industrial which has been facing competition form the neighboring countries in Asia such as Thailand and Hong Kong and the closer to home is Malaysia who had legalized the opening of Casino Genting Highland which is also a popular gambling place for Singaporean.

Facing the competition from the neighboring countries, for the first time in Singapore history, the government has legalized Casino to open in Singapore. Singapore IR will be distinctive, world-class, iconic developments encompassing a comprehensive range of complementary amenities such as hotels, convention facilities, entertainment shows, theme park etcÂ….

Debate on approving of Casino

The decision of the government to allow the opening of the casino has arose objections and debate on the pros and cons from Singaporean. Several groups such as Muslim and Christian communities and social workers have openly show objection of the approval of Casino. They are concerned that Casino gambling will bring lot of negative impact to the social which will cause social problem. The Casino will also lead to illegal activities such as money laundry, loan shark and others illegal underground activities that always associated with gambling.

The government promised to minimize the negative impact of Casino gambling. Government body has been setup to try to prevent and deal with the possible negative impact that Casino will bring to the society. Restriction has also been placed to reduce Singaporean to patron to Casino for example family members of the patron can applied to stop he or she to enter the Casino and all Singapore who want to visit the Casino will have to pay an entrance fee of $100 or $2000 for annual entry.

Future attractions

Regardless of the objections from the various communities, the government had approved two Casinos to be open in Singapore. The first license go to Las Vegas Sands to build the first Singapore Integrated Resort at Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sands and the second license is awarded to Genting International and Star Cruises to build the Resort World at Sentosa.

Whether the Casino will caused negative impact to the society or how far can the government minimize the negative impact of the casino, Singapore IR will create about 35000 of jobs directly or indirectly and will definitely attract tourists to Singapore. This future tourist attraction will help Singapore tourism industry to stand an edge to compete with the neighbouring countries.

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