Singapore Gambling Games

Do you want to know what are the Singapore gambling games that are legalized and played in Singapore? Where Singaporeans go for Casino games? This article will tell you about those gambling games that are played by Singaporeans. Singaporeans, like anyone else, like to gamble. The most common Singapore gambling games played by Singaporeans are Mahjong, Singapore 4D and TOTO. Mahjong

Singapore gambling game Mahjong

Mahjong is one of the common gambling games played in Singapore. Mahjong is a four player gambling game, the objective of the game is to match your titles and clear your titles as fast as possible. Refer to Mahjong rules. During weekend, Singaporeans like to invite friends to their houses to play Mahjong. You can also see people playing Mahjong at funeral wake or at some family gathering or party. Mahjong is not allowed to be played in the public beside funeral wakes but some of the clubs do provide Mahjong room for club members to play the game. Mahjong is known to be good for the brain especially for old folks as the game will always keep the brain active.

4D Game

4D is a lottery game in Singapore. Gamblers will choose any 4 digits from 0000 to 9999 and buy the gambling ticket from any of the Singapore Pool branches at various part of Singapore. 23 numbers are drawn each time, if your 4 digit number matches any of the drawn numbers, you win a prize. 4D is the most popular gambling game in Singapore and it is common to see motorists slowing down at accident sites to take down the registration numbers of the vehicles involved for their 4-D bets. So if you are in Singapore and see any 4 numbers that you like, why not try your luck?


TOTO is another popular Singapore gambling game and is the hope and dream for most of the people to get rich. TOTO is known as Lotto in other countries. The prizes start from SDG 1000 000 and the price will accumulate to the next game if nobody wins the first prize. It will keep on accumulating till somebody won it. The prize is very attractive - sometimes it goes up to 3 or 6 million dollars. During Chinese New Year there will always be a special Hong Pao prize which is 12 million dollars and lot of Singaporeans will queue up at Singapore pool outlets to try their luck. You can refer to this web site TOTO Rules if you are interested to find out how the game is played. To buy a set of 6 numbers is very cheap is only SGD 1.00 so why not try your luck and see whether the SGD 1.00 can be changed into hundreds or millions of dollars.

Horse racing and jackpot

Another Singapore gambling game is horse racing, it is done at Singapore Turf Club, website here - Singapore Turf Club. There are also Jackpots in Singapore but people are only allowed to play in some club houses and not all members of the public can enter to play Jackpot.

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Casino games

You might wonder where Singaporean go for casino games? Do they play the illegal underground games operated by some secret society? No, this is strongly not encouraged and is illegal. Singaporeans usually go to cruise for casino. The cruise will only allow them to start their casino games when the cruise ship is in international water. Another place that Singaporeans like to go for casino games is Genting High Land at Malaysia. Singaporeans go there for holiday and casino games and it is quite cheap to go to Genting from Singapore. Genting High Land is at one of the Malaysian Mountains and the weather is cold and nice.

Things had changed with the opening of the 2 Singapore Integrated Resorts, Singapore has her own Singapore Casinos. One is located at Resorts World Sentosa, was opened in 2010 and the other Casino is located at Marina Bay Sands, was opened in end of 2009. These are big projects which attract millions of tourists to Singapore and create thousands of jobs in Singapore. These 2 Singapore Casinos had definitely changed Singaporean gamblers habits for a long time to come.

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