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Singapore is a food paradise and eating is a culture of Singaporean. Singapore eating places sell almost every cuisine type from Indian, Chinese, Malay, Peranakans, Arabs, Dutch, French, Italian you name it you got it. Same as the wide selection of cuisine, there are also a wide range of Singapore eating places for you to choose from, differing in prices to ambiance and atmosphere. This article will show you the different types of Singapore eating places that you can choose from when you are in Singapore.

Singapore eating places Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops are one of the common eating places that can be found in most of the housing estates outside the city of Singapore and usually they are located at the ground floor of the housing block. Singaporean not only go to coffee shops for food and drink, it is also a socializing place to chit chat with frinds and a gathering place for neighbours at the housing block. You will be able to see some of the retired people sitting at the coffee shop chit chatting with friends or drinking beer and watching soccer matches on the television hanging on the coffee shop wall. Coffee shops are famous for cheap black coffee which comes in porcelain cups and usually the stalls that sell drinks are managed by the owner of the coffee shop. They open early in the morning to 11pm at night and only a few of the coffee shops in Singapore operate 24 hours. .

Singapore Hawker centres

Hawker centres are unique eating places of Singapore. One may house dozens of drinks and food stalls under one roof. You will be able to get most of the local Singapore food at hawker centres and you will never run out of choice. It is a place to taste cheap and good local food and its price is comparable to coffee shops. Only hawker centres like Lau Pa Sat and Newton hawker centre that are famous are more expensive. A suggestion for tourists is to walk one round around the hawker center to get to know all the food that the hawkers sell before deciding on what to eat. There are also certain unspoken protocols that are practiced at the hawker center that you will need to know. Take a look at our article Hawker centre culture to understand them.

Food courts

Food courts are also a common eating place of Singaporean when they are dining out. The different between food courts as compare to coffee shops and hawker centres is that food court are air conditioned and are usually found in shopping malls. You can also find food courts at Orchard and in the CBD area. The dishes sold at food courts are expensive than those at coffee shops and hawker centres at housing estates. While hawker centres sell mostly local Singaporean food, food court food is more cosmopolitan, ranging from local food, Japanese, Italian to Korean food. Food courts are unlike hawker centres - you will have to carry your own food to your table. Most of the Singaporean food courts are operated by a few big food court corporations like Kopitiam, KouFu, Food Republic (only found in big shopping centre like Vivo and Orchard road). Their operating hours follow those of the shopping mall, usually from 9 a.m to 10p.m.

Fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurants are popular eating places for teenagers and families with children. Children like to eat at McDonalds because of the happy meal that come with a toy. Fast food restaurants are selling the same food as most of their counterparts in other countries. Fast food restaurants here include McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and others. Some fast food restaurants like McDonalds open for 24 hours.


Cafes are a favourite eating place for youth and working class people. They usually sell western food like sandwiches, pasta and pizzas. Cafes like Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Coffee Club have become an in place to chit chat and socialise with friends for the youth.


Restaurants are the most expensive eating places in Singapore. There are all kinds of cuisine that you can select. Choices ranges from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Italian. Recently there are also mid price restaurants selling western food coming out like Pastamania which sells pasta that is more expensive than western food at hawker centres or food courts but cheaper than normal western food restaurants at the shopping centres and these restaurants are very popular amongst teenagers.

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