Singapore Christmas

You can't ski or build snowmen in Singapore during Christmas but Singapore is definitely a good place to celebrate your Singapore Christmas, and this article will tell you why.

Unlike some of the cold countries where Christmas is undoubtedly during the cold season and nights are relatively colder and longer than the days, you can enjoy a relatively sunnier Christmas in Singapore. In Singapore, Christmas is no longer a festival for only Christians and Catholics, it is widely celebrated by non Christians and all races.

Places to visit in during Christmas

Though you will be able to enjoy Singapore Christmas virtually from anywhere in Singapore but there is a place that you must visit if you are here in Singapore during the Christmas Season.

Orchard Road is the place which you must visit during Christmas.

This famous shopping belt will gear up for the season of joy by transforming into a retail wonderland with spectacular stretch of twinkling street lights and decorations. All the shopping malls and hotels along the shopping belt will be dressed up with colorful lights and decorations. This is because every year all the shopping malls at Orchard will compete with each other for the best Singapore Christmas decoration award and we call this event Singapore Christmas light up.

There are also numerous entertainment features that you can take part in during Singapore Christmas, such as live music shows, Christmas parties and Christmas count down. In all churches, special services will also be held on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to mark this special day.

Shopping during Singapore Christmas season

If you missed the Great Singapore Sale, Singapore Christmas season is another good time for shopper because there will be plenty of discounts and sales promotions in every shopping mall. During Christmas season most of the shopping malls at orchard will extend the shopping hours from 9p.m. to 11.00p.m. and have discounts ranging from 5% to 70% with some additional special discounts for credit card holders issued by different Banks. So do prepare your shopping list if you are coming to Singapore during Christmas to grab this remarkable shopping opportunity to buy Christmas present for your loved ones.

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