Singapore Chinese New Year Celebrations

Singapore Chinese New Year celebrations start as early as 3 weeks before the actual date of Lunar New Year and last till the end of the festival celebration.

Chinese new year is the most important event in the Chinese Lunar calendar, as it is a time of reunion and an occasion for much rejoicing.

How Singapore Chinese New Year Celebrations are celebrated by the Chinese community in Singapore?

The Preparation for Chinese New Year

Every Singapore Chinese household will start the preparation by having spring cleaning before the actual Chinese New Year. It is believed that this will clean away all the bad luck of the year and bring good luck to the family for the coming New Year. Usually all the family members of the house will fix a date to gather together to clean the house. However, with the busy schedule of work commitment, some of the Chinese will hire a cleaning company to do the spring cleaning instead.

Beside spring cleaning, Singaporean will decorate their houses with flowers, hang or stick red Chinese New Year decorations adornment or auspicious words in the house to bring good luck to the new year. The Chinese will prepare Chinese New Year food like cookie and sweets for friends and relatives who visit them. Parents will buy new clothes for their children to wear during the New Year and most Chinese Singaporeans will cut their hair before the New Year which is symbolic of a fresh start of the year with good fortune.

Eve and the actual day of Chinese New Year celebrations

On New Year's eve, Chinese families will gather around the dining table to enjoy a sumptuous dinner known as the Reunion Dinner. For the next 15 days, friends and relatives visit one another, bearing gifts of mandarin oranges and hóngbao (red packets filled with money) for the children. This exchange of items symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

Singapore Chinese New Year celebration events

Every year there are three major events included in Singapore Chinese New Year celebration.

  • Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • Singapore River Hongbao
  • Chingay Parade of Dreams

Entertaining cultural shows are put up by performers from China at Marina Bay and you can also shop for more goodies at the Singapore River Hong Bao. During this period Chinatown will be heavily decorated with stalls selling all kind of Chinese New Years goodies. But the grandest Singapore Chinese Celebration is the Chingay Parade down Orchard Road with a fiesta of lion dancers, stilt-walkers and floats. The Spring Festival lasts for 14 days and concludes on the 15th day with a big celebration called Chap Goh Mei (it means "15th Night" in Hokkien dialect). On this auspicious day, in a tradition of days of old and still practiced in some communities, unmarried maidens will cast oranges in the river under the reflection of the full moon and make a wish for good husbands.

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