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Taking Singapore cab is the most comfortable way of traveling around Singapore. Singapore cab is the best transport choice for rainy days and the most comfortable transportation after a tiring shopping day.

If you are worrying about how to get a cab in Singapore, or how the cab fare is charged, or even if there will be any communication problem with the cab driver, or if all the cabs or taxis in Singapore are safe to take, you have come to the right place, this article will tell you all.

Will I have problems communicating with the Singapore cab driver?

Most of the Singapore cab drivers know how to speak and understand simple English. Therefore if you are a foreigner and know how to speak English, you should have no problem communicating with the taxi or cab driver.

Are Singapore cabs safe?

I know that in some countries, it is not very safe to take cabs that are run by private taxi drivers and it is advisable to take those that are licensed under the government. I was warned by my Indonesian colleague to take cabs from certain companies that are registered under Indonesian government when I was there for a business trip.

You will not have this problem when you are in Singapore. All Singapore cabs are registered with big companies that are given license to run the business by Singapore government. The main cab companies are namely Comfort & CityCab, Premier, Smart, SMRT, Trans Cab, Yellow Top and Prime, these are the companies that provide cab services in Singapore. Unregistered or unlicensed cab driving is illegal and you hardly find such things in Singapore, so be assured that Singapore cabs are safe to take.

How to get a cab?

All cabs are operated 24 hours a day you can hail a cab or taxi along the road or wait for cabs at taxi stands or call any of the numbers below to book a cab. When you call to book a cab, you will need to tell the operator where will you be waiting for the cab and your destination. The operator will give you the cab plate number that is going to pick you up.

Common Taxi or Cab Booking Hotline
(65) 6 3425 222 or 
(65) 6 DIAL CAB
Phone Booking Hotlines

Note: that surcharge applied when booking cabs.

Taxi or cab drivers can only pick or alight passengers at Taxi Stand at Orchard road thus you should not hail a taxi along the road at Orchard. This also applies within the Central Business District (CBD) from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00p.m. (except on Sundays and Public Holidays). Cab drivers are not allowed to pick up or drop off passengers along main roads plied by buses. Taxi passengers may board or alight from taxis at taxi stands/stops, pick up or drop-off points at building driveways, or along the roads not plied by buses.

Basic/Additional Charges Normal Cab/Taxis Fares

Taxi or cab fares are charged by the taxi meter and are based on a flag-down rate and distance traveled. Others additional charges may be incurred so check before boarding. Below are the basic and additional charges

Estimated taxi fares

Here are some of the estimated taxi fares from Changi Airport to popular locations.

Note: Actual fares vary depending on traffic and weather conditions. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges are not shown. The information provided here is intended for guidance purposes only.

It is very difficult to get a cab on the road during peak hours so avoid taking cab during peak hour. Alternatively, try to book a cab that will save you lot of time. It is also illegal for cab drivers to solicit for passengers, overcharge fares or refuse to pick passengers without a valid reason. If you encounter one you can call 1800 CALL LTA (1800 2255 582) to report any errant cab or taxi driver.

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