Singapore Travel: Frequently Asked Questions

All of these questions were sent to us by our readers through email, and topics range from transport to islands visiting! If you have any queries you'd like answered, contact us. All the answers we give are as accurate as we can possibly ascertain. Some of these queries may have been edited to keep them brief.

Transport at Changi Airport

By Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
If you arrive at an early hour, Mass Rapid Transit or MRT has not started their service yet. MRT service starts at around 6.00am everyday and this is the most convenient transport to take if you wanted to save money. In fact MRT is the most convenient transportation for getting around in Singapore as it reaches most parts of Singapore. Personally I seldom take the public bus nowadays because without having traffic lights, I can reach my destination faster.
Changi Airport MRT Station is located at the basement of Terminals 2 and 3. It is accessible from the Arrival and Departure Halls through escalators and lifts.
You may refer to our MRT article for more information or go to MRT website for the latest MRT map.

By Airport Shuttle
Airport Shuttle bus service counter is available 24 hours daily and is located conveniently at the Arrival Halls of each Terminal. A single trip from Changi Airport to a selected hotel in the city, is SGD9 for adult and SGD6 for child below 12 years old.

By Taxi
You can take a Taxi to your hotel. If you take Taxi from Airport, there is a surcharge of SGD5. Taking Taxi from Changi Airport to city will cost SGD23 to SGD50. I would say Taxi fare is not very cheap in Singapore as compare to other South East Asia countries (e.g. Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia). I am not sure about New Zealand (when I went there I didn't take Taxi) but if you have been to Australia, Singapore Taxi fare is cheaper. Taxis are available at the taxi stands at the Arrival levels of each Terminal. You may refer to Changi Airport website for more information for your planning.

How easy is it to find buses or MRT at Changi Airport

I realise that MRT or bus is the cheapest mode of transport in Singapore. Is this easy to find at the   
airport, and more importantly, is it easy to find a MRT or bus station back to the airport?

Yes you are correct. Public bus or MRT is cheaper than taxi. My advice is to take MRT because it is more convenient and faster.
Changi MRT station is very easy to find and it is located at Terminal 3. You will see signboards showing you the direction. If you are arriving at other terminals (Terminal 1 or 2), you may take the inter transfer terminal train to go to terminal 3.
Bus stops are located at the basement of all the terminals.  

Taxi cost from city area to Singapore Zoo

What is the approximate cost to take a taxi into the city and Singapore Zoo? 

Singapore Zoo is located in the north of Singapore and is not easily accessible. There are no Mass Rapid Transit(MRT) station nearby. You may refer to our Singapore Zoo article on how to go there by Public bus or MRT.
The taxi fare from City to Singapore Zoo is around SGD23 or more depending on the time you take. Use this link to get a rough guide of the taxi fare. In my opinion, there are other means of transport to reach Singapore Zoo.
You may go this Singapore Zoo's visitor information page for the details.
In case you are also interested to know, Night Safari and River safari (new attraction opened in 2013) are just located next to the Zoo. You may also want to visit these places.  

MRT/Bus trip between Changi Airport to Singapore Zoo

How long would a trip from Changi Airport to the city on the MRT and/or bus take, and how long to the Singapore Zoo? 

If you take MRT from Changi Airport to City, it will takes you about 30 to 45 minutes. That depends on which part of the city your hotel is located. I assume your hotel is located at Orchard Road. On average, each MRT station is about 3 to 5 minutes apart. Based on this distance and the number of MRT stations to reach your hotel, you can roughly calculate the total time taken.
If you are taking MRT or bus from the city to Singapore Zoo, it will take you about 1 hour or more. There is no MRT station at Singapore Zoo, so you will have to transfer to a bus to get there  

Old Singapore, culture and history

Would you be able to advise me on a route to walk? I am not very interested in shopping malls and modern buildings, I am interested in "old" Singapore, culture, and history. 

You can discover a lot of Singapore history along Singapore River. Visit our Museum/Worship articles (look out on the left menu for the Museums/Worship links under the Singapore Attraction heading).

Below are the other links to related information:

Boat Trips in Singapore

I am also interested in boat trips. Years ago, I did a trip on the harbour, is that still available?

Yes. Boat trips at Singapore River are still available. The boat ride is a round trip around Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and the Merlion. The price for the ride is around SGD18. You can board the boat at Esplanade, Boat Quay or Clarke Quay. 

Tekong and Ubin Islands

I noticed Tekong, Tekong Kechil and Ubin on the Google map. Are these islands open to the public?

Tekong is not open to public. It has military camps and is a military training ground for new recruits too. For your information, all male Singaporeans and the 2nd male generation of Permanent Residents need to go for national service when they reach 18 years old. I was once trained in Tekong too.
Ubin is open to public. Visitors go there for cycling and camping.  

Other Islands around Singapore

Are there any other islands that can be visited apart from Sentosa Island, which is too touristy to my liking?

Pulau Ubin, Sister Island, Kusu Island and St John's Island are open to public. You may visit our Singapore Island Hopping article for more details. 

Night tours in Singapore

If I want to be back at Changi Airport around 7.30p.m. on my depature day, am I able to take any of the night tours on the river, or is it not dark enough yet?

In Singapore, it usually gets dark at around 7 p.m. Since you are planning to be back to Changi Airport by 7.30p.m, I don't think you will be able to take any night tours on your departure day. 

Discounts for Attractions and public transport

Are there any specials rates available for Attractions or discounts on public transport?

You can visit the links below.

The Peranakan Trail

Very Good, 4.0

"Exceptional cultural tour",
"Interesting architecture"

Embark on a colourful journey into the history, lifestyle and unique character of the Peranakan Babas (the men) and Nonyas (the women) in Singapore

Duration: 4 hours

hours Price: ~S$52

Traditions of Chinatown

Very Good, 4.0

"Chinese tradition", 
"Chinese customs"

Three-hour journey through Chinese life in Singapores Chinatown will remind you that even in a new country, rich and fascinating traditions are still in practice today

Duration: 3 hours

Price: ~S$28

Singapore City Pass

Good, 3.5

"Value for money", 
 "Good way to visit Singapore"

With this easy-to-use Pass you will enjoy more than 45 per cent discount when you purchase bundles of attractions, tours and benefits rather than purchase them individually

Duration: Valid for 1, 2 and 3

Days Price: ~S$68

See Singapore Attractions Pass

Excellent, 4.5

"Great range of activites for the whole fmily",
"True value for money"

This convenient pass gives you the incredible deals on admission to the city's top attractions and places of special interest

Duration: Choice of 1, 2, 3 or 5

Day pass Price: ~S$89

Footsteps of Raffles

Very Good, 4.0

"Easily missed bit of history",
"Tea time at Raffles"

Trace the footsteps of Sir Stamford Raffles, whose dream was to transform Singapore into a vital international port

Duration: 4½ hours
Price: ~S$56

Singapore Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour

Very Good, 4.0

"Great way to see Singapore", 
"Wonderful experience"

Explore Singapore on the London-style open top double-decker bus and listen to interesting commentary before hopping on and off at any designated stop

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: ~S$40

Singapore Island Tour

Excellent, 4.5

"Especially the war cemetry", 
"Very interesting and emotive tour"

Visit a range of temples and museums which bring to life the heritage of Singapore

Duration: 7 hours
hours Price: ~S$75

Sentosa Play Pass

Very Good, 4.0

"Wonderful tour",
"Good value for money"

Enjoy up to 16 of Sentosa Islands top attractions for one low price Duration: 1 day
day Price: ~S$48

Safety in Singapore

I am a 60-year old woman. Is it safe to walk in Singapore alone? What should I watch out for?

Singapore is very safe. You can walk around at night without much worries. Of course the usual rules still apply.

  • watch out for your wallet if you are in a congested place
  • avoid back alleys and dark corners at night

Though Singapore is safe but we still do have crimes and pickpockets.
In Singapore, our roads, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Shopping centers are quite friendly to senior people, handicapped and people who travel with babies.

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