Mooncake Festival

Mooncake Festival is also known as lantern festival and mid autumn festival. It is a festival celebrated by the Chinese community in Singapore. During this period, there is a lot of lighting around Singapore especially at Singapore China town. Lanterns and moon cakes baked by different restaurants are sold at every corner of Singapore.

This article will tell you how this mid autumn festival is celebrated in Singapore and which Singapore places of attraction which you should visit during this festival. Before knowing how the festival is celebrated in Singapore, it is always good to read up on the Chinese mooncake festival legend to find out the story of Chang Er, Wu Kang (the man that chops the tree on the moon), Jade Rabbit and mooncake which are associated with this festival in order to appreciate the celebration.

How Singaporean celebrate mooncake festival

During the Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore, different communities such as Chinese associations, residential communities, government or business organisation etc.. will organize a moonlight appreciation party. There will be games, Chinese culture performances, lanterns making competitions, moon cake tasting with Chinese tea under the moon light being held everywhere in Singapore.

Some Singaporean Chinese will celebrate the festival by having reunion dinner on the eve of the festival and enjoy moon cakes and Chinese tea with their families. Business men will make use of this festival opportunity to buy moon cakes as gift to their customers to build tight relationships. Most of the Chinese will also buy moon cakes for their parents and in-laws. Parents will buy lanterns for their children to celebrate this mid autumn festival. You will be able to see children carrying lanterns at the parks and seaside especially during the eve of the festival.

Attractions in Singapore during mid autumn festival

Chinatown is a place that you should not miss if you are in Singapore during the mooncake festival month. Every year during this mid autumn festival, China town will be dominated with flowers and beautiful lanterns through out the street. There will be cultural performances and varieties of moon cakes of different brands for sale. You can taste the samples of different moon cakes before you decide which to buy.

Also remember to take a stroll through the Mid Autumn Bazaar beside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and grab one of the many incredible festive products such as the Chinese red lanterns, Chinese paintings, Chinese gowns (cheongsams), sweetened dates and traditional handicrafts to take home as souvenirs. You might also like to buy some moon cakes from some of the famous brand names like Da Dong Restaurant moon cake which is known for its handmade snowskin mooncake with single yolk in lotus paste and Tong Heng Oriental Pastry which is known for its baked mooncake with mixed nuts and baked mooncake with double yolk in lotus paste.

How to go to Chinatown

Nearest MRT, Chinatown MRT, NE4 and outram park MRT, NE3

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Chinese Garden is another place that you should visit during the mid autumn festival. Every year there will be a lot of beautiful lanterns from China exhibited at Chinese garden. The theme of the lanterns being displayed will be different each year but you can assured that you will be fascinated by the beautiful lantern light exhibit at every corner of Chinese garden. There will also be cultural performances and Chinese culture items and moon cakes being sold in the garden.

How to go to Chinese Garden

Nearest MRT, Chinese Garden MRT EW25

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Remember to visit this two places when you are here during the mooncake festival sesson.