Maritime Experiential Museum

The Sentosa Resort World Maritime Experiential Museum is one of the only museums in the world that dedicated to the celebration of the maritime heritage of Asia.

The Maritime Experiential Museum inspiration is Admiral Zheng He who was appointed by the Ming Emperor Zhu Di to lead a fleet of up to 300 ships and a crew of nearly 28,000 men to explore the sea on behalf of the Ming dynasty. The first portion of the maritime museum showcased those countries that Zheng He had visited. It exhibit and displayed the spices, goods and culture of each countries he explored. 

The highlight of the Maritime Experiential Museum is the Omani Dhow (Jewel Of Muscat). This is a gift from the government of Oman to the people of Singapore is a reconstruction of a 9th century Arab dhow built using traditional materials and construction techniques. Following ancient maritime routes, the Jewel of Muscat sailed from Oman to Singapore in 2010 without any modern navigational equipment and completed the journey in five months. 

The other highlight of the Maritime Experiential Museum is the Typhoon theatre.

Is a huge 360-degree multimedia theatre that house at the centre of the museum. It is a 4D show, visitor will "board a ship" and with the help of the multimedia technology, visitors will be able to experience the ship sailing through storm weather and finally sinking into the sea. The passengers will also experience the sinking feeling as the theatre floor descends. When the light finally on, the ship's passengers find themselves in the depths of the ocean, up close with shipwreck and magnificent marine life. When the show ended, the passengers found themselves come out from the first floor of the museum instead of the second floor where they boarded the ship

Maritime Experiential Museum ticket info

The entrant ticket to the museum does not include the Typhoon theatre, you have to buy the ticket separately but it is really worth the value. Is a must watch show when you are at Maritime Experiential Museum.

Just located next to the Universal Studios

Admissions and Ticketing

Museum Admission TicketingAdult : $5.00Child (4 - 12 years) :$2.00Senior Children (65 years and above) : $3.00 Typhoon Theatre TicketingAdult : $6.00Child (4 - 12 years) : $4.00Senior Children (65 years and above) : $3.00

Hours of Operation Museum
10am - 9pm daily

Typhoon Theatre
10am - 8pm daily

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