10 famous local Singapore food

Looking for famous Singapore food? Want to know what local Singapore food that you must try when you are in Singapore?

You have come to the right place and asked the right person. I am a food lover and I always travel to different part of Singapore to try as much famous local Singapore food as I can when I am free. Singapore is a food paradise. Singapore is a land of multi-cultural culinary pleasures. Offering a diverse menu compassing Indian, Chinese, Malay, Peranakan, Eurasian, French, Indonesian food and many more Of course when you are in Singapore you have to try the local Singapore food. To save you time, I have list down 10 local favorite Singapore food that you must try when you are in Singapore.

Local Singapore Food Chilli Crab

If you asked me to name which is the best Singapore dish or most famous local Singapore food, I would say is Chilli crab.

The hard shelled crabs cooked in tick tomato and chilli gravy is the signature dish of local Singapore food. Best eaten with man tou (fried bun) soaked in the gravy and not to afraid to used your hands eat the crab to have a uniquely Singaporean taste.

Beside chilli crab you would also try a dish of pepper crab is hard shelled crabs that cooked with thick pepper gravy. You can get chilli and pepper crab in most of the hawker centres, coffee shops and seafood restaurants.

Tips The seafood restaurant that I usually pardon for chilli crab is No Signboard seafood restaurant is one of the seafood restaurant that famous for chilli crab. They have a few branches in Singapore, they have a branch at Vivo City the shopping mall where you can take a train to Sentosa but it is the most expensive branch. The cheapest and best “No Signboard” crab is at Geylang. Check their web site for the location of Singapore seafood restaurant
No signboardfood

However, lot my friends felt that Jambo seafood chilli crab is one of the best Chilli Crab in town as their Chilli Crab gravy taste better. Their outlet at ION Orchard and Jewel Changi Airport are more accessible for tourist. 

If you really love this Singapore dish and would like to pack it home, it is now possible now. You can get the ready to eat crab before you depart at Changi Airport terminal 3 Basement 2 from "House of Seafood" one of the popular seafood restaurant to serf famous Chilli Crab.
Note on the countries that you can bring the pack seafood on board to the country.
House of Seafood ready to eat crab at airport T3

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Singapore Hainanese Chicken rice

Another Singapore dish that is popular among tourist is the Singapore Chicken rice. Singapore Chicken rice is a dish with steamed chicken accompanied by fragrant rice cooked in chicken stock. Served with cucumber slices, minced ginger, chilli sauce with dark soy sauce. This is one of the common local Singapore food most Singaporean like to eat for lunch and dinner when they eat outside. You will be able to find in all the hawker centers, food courts and coffee shops.

Chatterbox at Mandarian hotel is one of the restaurant famous for Singapore Hainanese chicken rice but is very expensive, it cost you about $18 per plate which you can get around $3.00 to $4.00 at hawker centers or food courts. Not to worry the chief who invented the dish has been retrenched and has opened a chicken rice shop name “Mr Chicken Rice” at Down town east and is selling at around $5 per plate. In fact I found that it tastes better than the chicken rice serve at Chatterbox. The chief must have kept some of the secret recipes with him…
Click to get the address for Mr Chicken Rice

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Singapre food Satay

Stick-skewered marinated meat grilled over charcoal fire. Served with rice Ke tu pat (rice cake), onions, cucumber and a spicy peanut gravy. The barbecue meat is usually is usually chicken, beef and mutton. You only able to get pork meat from Chinese stall. It cost you around $0.80 per stick and you buy satay at most of the hawker centres. One of the most place to eat satay is Lau Pa Sat is situated at the heart of business district and Raffles Place is the nearest MRT station. Refer to Lau Pa Sat to find out how to get there from Raffles Place MRT station. The other popular place for Satay is the Satay club at Satay by the Bay near to Gardens by the Bay.


Rice noodles bathed in spicy coconut curry gravy with shrimps, eggs, chicken and cockles.You can Laksa at hawkers and food courts. Perhaps one of the famous Laksa in Singapore is the Katong Laksa it differs from its counterparts in that it is served only with a spoon no chopsticks. However, most of the Laksa stall at Katong claimed that they are original Katong Laksa but who is the original? Actually nobody know but most of the Singapore will try Katong Laksa at 328 Katong

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Bak Kut teh

Bak kut Teh in Hokkien means pork ribs and Chinese tea. There are two main styles of the pork ribs soup. One is serves with peppery and clear soup and the other consists of a darker soya-sauce coloured soup. It usually served with rice,youtiao (fired dough) and red chilli with soy sauce. It is also good to take with Chinese tea to dissolve the fat consumed in the pork-laden dish. You can get Bak Kut teh in most of the hawker centres and food courts.  Song Fa Bak Kut Teh at 17 New Bridge Road is very popular for tourist as it always flooded with tourist during lunch time. However, we found that Old Street Bak Kut Teh taste nicer as compare to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh.

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Roti prata

Roti prata is crispy, crusty South Indian pancake make of fat, flour and water. You choose to include egg or just simply plain prata. It is served with curry gravy and sugar for plaint prata. The best taste is to use your hand and soaked the prata into the curry gravy. I like to watch the chief flicking the prata it require skill do the flicking. Most of the time it is sold at coffee shop and hawker but sometime you can even find it at food court.
You must try this Indian local Singapore food when you visit Singapore


Though you can easily get Roti Prata at most of the hawkers and coffee shops but Singaporean like to go to Jalan kayu to eat Prata.

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Curry Fish Head

Is a spicy curried disk made using a hug fish head and vegetables served with rice or bread. Is a famous dish for Singaporean Indian and Chinese and can be find in both Indian and Chinese restaurant. Chinese restaurant will served the dish in a large clay pot while in Indian restaurant fresh banana leaves are laid before the diners and steaming rice is scooped onto them. How to eat? You can poured the curry over the fragrant rice and eat the rice with the vegetable and the fish head or use the bread to soak into the curry to enjoy the taste and fragrant of the curry gravy.

You should be able to get fish head curry at food court or coffee shop. One of the famous Indian restaurant that sell fish head curry will be Muthus Curry Restaurant

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The term “Rojak” in Malay mean mixture. Rojak is a local salad a mixture of fruits, cucmbers, bean sporouts, pineapple, white radish, fried dough fritters and dried bean curd stirred in a prawn paste, topped off with peanuts. Rojak is sell at hawkers or coffee shops and to my opinion the best Rojak is at air airport road hawker centre where it is self service and have to take queue number to wait for your Rojak. Old airport road map

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Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow is broad white noodles fried with dark sweet sauce, egg, bean sprouts, fish cake, cockles and chinese sausage. It is very fragrant and taste a little sweet.

You can get Char Kway Teow every eating place in Singapore but a few good stall I guess should be 

  • #01-49 Redhill Market, Blk 85 Redhill Lane
  • #02-30 Toa Payoh 127 Market & Food Centre
  • Serangoon Garden Food Centre (Chomp Chomp)

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Fried carrot cake

This is a steamed cake of rice flour and shredded white radish stir-fried with Soy sauce, eggs, garlic and chat poh (pickled radish). You can choice the black fried carrot cake which taste sweet or white fried carrot cake which does not fried with soy sauce. Is a common Singaporean dish for breakfast and supper.

Few of the good fried carrot cake will be at 

  • #01-49 Redhill Market, Blk 85 Redhill Lane
  • #02-30 Toa Payoh 127 Market & Food Centre
  • Serangoon Garden Food Centre (Chomp Chomp)

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