GST refund for tourist in Singapore

GST refund

Singapore GST refund to tourists, did I hear it correctly? Yes! You can get refunds if you are a tourist in Singapore. Just in case you are wondering what is GST? It refers to a tax imposed on Singapore goods and services. There is a 7% tax imposed on everything you buy in Singapore, including restaurant bills which have 10% service charge and in addition to 7% GST charges. If you are a tourist in Singapore, you will not be able to get refunds for GST on restaurant bills but you can get refund on the goods that you bought at the airport before you go back home.

The GST refund form must be validated by customs at Singapore Changi Airport before your departure by air. Take note that the refund is not applicable to land and cruise departure. The refund amount is the GST minus an administration fee. There are some criteria that you must meet before you can claim the refund. You should always check with the retailers if you can claim the GST refund before confirming your purchase. There are two Central Refund Agencies, namely Global Blue and Premier Tax Free. Below are their contact details

Global Blue
contact: 65 69225588

Premier Tax Free
24-hour Hotline: 1800 829 3733

If you need to check in your goods get them refunded first before you check in. Please reach the airport early if you are claiming refunds to allow Singapore custom to have sufficient time to inspect your goods and verify your claim.

Proceed to the counter of Global Blue or Premier Tax Free if you are holding Global Blue Cheques or Premier Tax Free Vouchers. These counters are located in the Departure Lounge after immigration. You can get your refund in cash at these counters. Alternatively, you can opt for direct credit to your credit card or bank account or a bank cheque;
Mail the refund form back to the retailer to process your refund, if you have purchased from a retailer operating the Scheme on his own. You can drop it in the mailbox at the Singapore Customs Tourist Refund counter before leaving Singapore
Check out Singapore custom site for more detail

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