How to get around Singapore?


It is quite easy to get around Singapore. Singapore's public transportation system is amongst the best in the world. Buses, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or Light Rapid Transit (LRT) take you to almost every corner of Singapore. Use the MRT or LRT because they are easier to navigate and you can always get a free MRT map in any of the stations.


Singapore MRT is the most comfortable and hassle free way to get around Singapore. The service starts as early as 5.30am and ends around midnight. At peak hours, the trains run at an interval of one to three minutes. At off-peak hours, the trains run at three to five minutes. You may refer here for shopping malls and places to go around each MRT stations.

It is advisable to get the ez-link card since it can be used for both buses as well as MRTs. It can be purchased from machines or the ticket office in any of the stations. You can also top-up the card from the same machines too.

How to use the ez-link card? Just tap the card at the barrier, it will open and then you may walk through it.


Taking Singapore's buses is quite convenient too. Usually you do not wait longer than 10 minutes for a bus. Most of the buses come with air conditioners and some of them have TVs for your entertainment too. It still makes your journey a more enjoyable one although the journey may not be long.

Remember buses only take exact change if you are using coins. Therefore my suggestion is to use the ez-link card. Just tap the card on the sensors at the front of the bus and the full fare will be deducted from your card. Tap again on the sensors when alighting from the bus and the system will return you the remaining money. Remember to tap the card when alighting, if not you will be paying the full fare.

Singapore buses start operations as early as 5.30am and ends at around midnight. You can get a copy of the bus services easily from the Bus Interchange and it has the information on the route and also the timing of service.


Taxis can be easily found in anywhere in Singapore, especially in hotels, shopping malls or eating places. They are air conditioned and some even have TVs to entertain passengers or you can surf the web in them too. A typical taxi fare would cost you around 5-15 Singapore dollars depending on the distance.

Usually the taxi drivers can speak many languages, like Mandarin, English or Malay. When you board the taxi, the driver will ask where you are going and he or she will ask you which road to use. Don't worry, just ask the driver to decide and he will know what to do.

You may pay the fare by either cash or credit card. Additional surcharge is required during peak hours and also from the airport.


Trishaws are now confined in areas like Chinatown and Little India. This is a different experience from the rest of the transport. Usually the ride lasts for about 30-45 minutes and it costs around 20-30 Singapore dollars.

On foot

This is the cheapest mode to get around Singapore. It can be quite hot and sweaty to walk around during the day as the weather in Singapore is quite hot and humid. Drink up more often to avoid any heat injuries.

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