Gardens By The Bay Supertrees

Gardens by the bay is  one of Singapore's  Iconic tourist attraction. Built in 2012, it is a huge garden in the city located at the heart of Marina Bay. It occupies 101 hectares and comprises three waterfront gardens, namely Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. Is famous for it 18 gigantic Gardens by the bay Super trees stand upright to the sky where you can see far from the distance forming an elegant landmark of the garden city.

Gardens by the bay South Garden

At 54 hectares, Bay South Garden is the biggest garden at the Gardens by the bay. It was designed by UK-based landscape architecture firm Grant Associates. The garden showcases the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry, with a mass display of tropical flowers and coloured foliage.

The key attractions of the Bay South Garden are:

Conservatory Complex

Conservatory Complex is an architectural icon and a horticultural attraction. There are about 226, 000 plants from every continent except Antarctica, all of them showcased at the Conservatory Complex. The conservatory Complex consists of the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Visitors can experience the cool-dry climate of the Mediterranean and cool-moist climate that is typical of Singapore at the two domes.

Flower Dome

Garden By The Bay Flower Dome is about 1.2 hectares in area and has the temperature set between 23 to 25 deg C. It replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions like South Africa and parts of Europe like Spain and Italy. The Flower Dome showcase plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions which are complemented by changing displays in the Flower Field to reflect different seasons and festivals. 

Cloud Forest

Garden By The Bay Cloud Forest is slightly smaller than Flower Dome, the Cloud Forest takes up around 0.8 hectares in area. It also replicates the cool-moist climate of 23 to 25 deg C found in Tropical mountain regions such as Mt Kinabalu and areas of high elevation in Suth America. There is even a 35m tall Cloud Mountain covered with lush vegetation accompanied by a waterfall.

Gardens by the bay Supertrees

Supertrees is the first garden in the world to champion skyrise gardening. There are all together eighteen supertress uniquely designed in tree like structures between the height of 25 metres and 50 metres as a vertical garden to showcase a variety of bromeliads, ferns and tropical flowering climbers. Over 162,900 plants comprising more than 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers are planted. At night this tree will come alive with lighting and projected media. On top of this, there is also the 128m OCBC Skyway, an aerial walkway located at the Supertree Grove. Suspended at a hight of 22m between two supertrees, it offers a view of Marina Bay. 

Horticultural Themes

Horticultural Themes showcase the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry. There are two collections, the Heritage Gardens and The World of Plants

The Heritage Gardens is a collection of 4 gardens the Indian Garden, Chinese Garden, Malay Garden and Colonial Garden that reflects the history and culture of Singapore's main ethnic groups, as well as the city-state's colonial heritage.

The second collection Is the World of Plants, based on the theme of Plants and Planet. It showcases the biodiversity of plant life on the planet and serves as a window into the plant kingdom and showcases the web of relationships between various flora within a forest setting

Bay East

Bay East is 32 hectares in size and it has a 2km promenade frontage that embroiders the Marina Reservoir. Is is a recreation heaven with water sports at Bay Central.

This garden serves as a link between Bay South and Bay East. It stands at 15 hectares in size with a 3km waterfront promenade that allows for scenic walks stretching from the city centre to the east of Singapore.


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Nearest MRT

Bayfront MRT Station is the nearest station that connects the underground MRT (Mass Rapid Train) to Marina Bay Sands and is an extension to the existing Circle Line operated by SMRT.

Promenade (CC4) station and Marina Bay (NS27 CE2) station will be the stations that you need to transfer at in order to reach Bayfront (CE1) station.

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