Singapore Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park was previously known as Fort Canning is a hill in the southeast portion of Singapore and was once known as the "Forbidden Hill". Although it is small, it has a long history due to its location as the highest elevation within walking distance to the city's Downtown Core.

Now Fort Canning has been converted into a park overlooking Orchard Road and is set in the heart of the Civic and Cultural District of Singapore. It is also a popular venue for music shows and concerts.

Singapore Fort Canning Park

How to get to Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park by bus

Get to the Fort Canning Park by Public Bus via Stamford Road, Hill Street, River Valley or Penang Road

  • via Stamford Road: SBS 7, 14, 16, 36, 111, 124, 128, 131, 147, 162, 162M, 166, 174, 175, TIBS 77, 106, 167, 171, 190, 700, 700A, 857
  • via Penang Road: SBS 7, 14, 14A,16, 36, 36A, 65, 111, 124, 128, 162, 162M, 166, 174, 175, TIBS 77, 106, 167, 171, 190, 700, 700A, 857
  • via Hill Street: SBS 124, 145, 147, 166, 174, TIBS 190, 851
  • via River Valley Road: SBS 32, 54, 195

Fort canning Park by MRT

There are a few MRT stations that you can reach Fort canning. Depending which entry you use to go up to Forting Canning park.

Entrance from Hill Street
Clarke Quay MRT station Exit E

Entrance from Coleman Street
City Hall MRT Station Exit B

Entrance from Clemenceau Avenue
Dhobby Ghaut MRT Station Exit A

Entrance from Pedestrian underpass connection Penang Road to Canning Rise
Dhoby Ghaut Station Exit B

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Fort Canning Park is bounded by Hill Street, Canning Rise, Clemenceau Avenue and River Valley Road

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