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Introduction to Chinatown

Chinatown is an ethnic place featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements and a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. Located nearby is the Maxwell Food Centre, a fresh food market and food centre since pre-war days. It offers a variety of authentic local hawker fare. 

There’s also a good mix of hotels here, from heritage shop-house hotels to five-star luxury boutique accommodation. Chinatown Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Station brings you to the doorstep of Pagoda Street.

Things to do in Chinatown

There are lot of things that you can do in Chinatown from tasting of food to visiting tourist attraction site. Is a place full of Singapore Chinese heritage. 

Food to eat in Chinatown

Food is one of the thing that you must try in Chinatown, there are lot of chinese restaurant around the Pagoda Street and if you wanted to go on budget and yet to get good food, you can try the hawker center at Chinatown complex food center. 
Below are the recommended stall to try

  • China La Mian Xiao Long Bao (#02-135) steam dumpingHong Kong Soya
  • Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodles (#02-127) this stall got Michelin award
  • Hong Kong Mongkok Tim Sum (#02-97) Have a taste of Chinese Tim Sum
  • Cheng Ji (#02-190) Steam fish head must try
  • Tian Tian Porridge (#02-185) Try Chinese porridge

Above are a few popular stalls but there are lot of good foods there for you to explore.

Chinatown attractions

There are full of heritage attractions to visit in Chinatown ranging from Museum, Hindu temple to Buddhist temple.

Where to shop in Chinatown

There are modern shopping center and street stalls to shop in Chinatown. The most popular shopping places for tourist are the Pagoda Street a best place to shop for souvenir. 
Modern shopping complex are People's Park Complex and Chinatown Point.

Our Recommendation hotels in Chinatown

Hotel 81 Chinatown



"Excellent service",
"Fast internet",
"Great location"

Hotel 1929 Singapore


Good, 7.5

"Spacious showers",
"Free internet",
"Superb dining"

Hotel Re Pearls Hill


Good, 7.1

"Ample parking",
"Free internet",
"Clean rooms"


Beary Best


Fabulous 8.6

"Comfortable beds",
"Clean rooms",
"Great location"

Adler Hostel


Very Good 8.5

"Good-sized beds",
"Great location",
"Tasty breakfast"

Wink Capsule Hostel


Fabulous, 8.7

"Spotless beds",
"Fast internet",
"Great location"

5footway.inn Project


Good 7.8

"Wonderful views",
"Clean rooms",
"Great location"

Royal Lodge


Superb 9.0

"Spotless beds",
"Wonderful staff",
"Great location"


Guest Rating

Parkroyal on Pickering


Superb, 9.1

"Stunning pool",
"City views",
"Fast check-in"

Hotel Mono


Very Good, 8.4

"Great location",
"Clean rooms",
"Wonderful staff"

M Hotel Singapore


Very Good, 8.1

"Fast check-in",
"Fast internet",
"Clean rooms"

The Scarlet Hotel Singapore


Very Good, 8.2

"Fantastic bar",
"Superb dining",
"Spacious showers"

Cube Boutique Capsule Hotel


Very Good 8.4

"Great location",
"Nice bathrooms",
"Wonderful staff"

Rucksack Inn


Fabulous, 8.8

"Great location",
"Wonderful staff",
"Clean rooms"

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