Where To Buy Camera In Singapore


Wondering where to buy camera in Singapore? We will tell you where to get the best deal for your camera, tips and what to look for when you buy camera in Singapore.

You may think that buying camera in Singapore is simple. But no matter what, you are still buying the camera in a foreign country. Before finding out where to buy camera in Singapore and decide on which camera shop to buy in Singapore, it is always good to equip yourself with the knowledge.  

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How to research for camera price in Singapore

Before you buy camera in Singapore, you may want to do some research on the web to find out which model you are interested in. When you have the model and brand in mind, go to the big departmental stores such as, Best Denki, Harvey Norman and Courts to check out the prices as a guide. Once you have some idea on how much the camera cost in Singapore, you may then consider going to other camera shop in Singapore to look for a good deal. 

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Which Camera shop in Singapore to buy from?

From small retail shops to big departmental stores, there are many dealers who are selling cameras in Singapore. But who should you buy the camera from? Choose the authorised resellers. For example, if you are buying a Nikon camera, you may visit the Nikon website to find out who are the authorised dealers.

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4 recommended places to buy camera in Singapore

You can get your camera from big departmental stores like Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts, Giant City and Challengers who are trusted. However, their prices are almost the same, you can’t bargain on the price and can’t get the best Camera deal. Use their price as basic guide of the camera price before you go to the retail camera shop for a good bargain.

There are many places where you can get good deals on cameras in Singapore. However, I will recommend the following 4 places that I used to find my gems.

  • Sim Lim Square is one of them. You may want to go to level 3 and above to try your luck. Do take note that if you buy camera at Sim Lim you must know the price, test the camera and see them do the packing as there are cases where sale man replaced new camera with old model in new box or bring up twice the price of the camera. This not only happen in Sim Lim but also in China town. There were few complaint and police has crump down quite a number of these shops and under control with serious punishment. Now most of the retail shop here are good business man but just be cautious.

    How to go to Sim Lim Square?
    Nearest MRT: Bugis MRT (EW12)
    Bus number: 64,65,130,139,147,48,57,130,2N,4N

  • Funan DigitaLife Mall is another place. However, Funan is going through a revamp and will be reopen at the end of 2019

    How to go to Funan Digital Mall?
    Nearest MRT: City Hall MRT (NS25/EW13)

  • PaRiSiLk, behind Holland Shopping Centre. In here you can expect unbeatable prices and excellent service.
  • Every quarter, in March, June, September and December, there will be a mega PC and IT shows in Singapore. Usually the price in the show are very attractive. Other perks include the freebies that retailers throw in to sweeten the deal. These IT shows are usually held at Suntec City, Singapore expo or MBS. Look out for it.

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What to look out when you buy Camera in Singapore?

Take note the following points:

  • Where was the camera made? Was it made in China, Taiwan or Japan. You can expect different prices for cameras depending on their country of orgin.
  • Be sure of what the warranty offers. Is it an international warranty? Since you are buying in a foreign country, this is very important. You do not want to send the camera back to Singapore for repair right?
  • Look out for any freebies? Usually when a camera is bought in Singapore, it will come with a memory card. Try to negotiate for an additional battery or a card reader from the retailer. If the cost is not high, they usually will agree.

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The best time to buy camera in Singapore

Come to Singapore during Great Singapore Sales (May - July). During this period, retailers are giving great discounts. You definitely can find a good deal for yourself. Another good time is during Christmas. Retailers are giving offers during this period as well.

I hope with this knowledge, you can enjoy your experience hunting for a camera in Singapore.

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