Bugis Village

Do you like flea market? Do you like to bargain? Do you like to look for cheap goods?

Then you must visit Singapore Bugis Village.

Bugis Village is strategically located across Bugis MRT and Bugis Junction Shopping Centre, at the bustling Bugis Street and Queen Street area.

Bugis Village is a two storey conservation shop houses comprised of hundreds of small stalls selling different varieties of product ranges from clothing, souvenirs, sex toys, bags, cheap watches and etcÂ… All the stalls are mostly set up by young entrepreneurs who brought all kind of goods from different part of Asia and sell at flea market price at their little shops in Bugis Village. You will also be able to find some of the clothes and stuffs that are sold at online bazaars are being sold at Bugis Village which some even selling at a lower price than online stall. It is definitely worth a visit to this all year long bazaar tourist attraction for a different shopping experience.

Below are photos of some of the goods sold in Bugis Village

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