3 Best Places to buy computer in Singapore

Where to buy computer in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best place to buy PC. There is a wide variety of choices for you to choose. If you are thinking of buying one in your next trip, you are in the right place. This guides shows you the best places to buy computer in Singapore.

IT shows

I am not sure about other countries. But I can tell you in Singapore, there are 4 IT shows in a whole year, 1 show in every quarter (March, June, September and December). The usual locations for the shows are either at Singapore Expo or Suntec Convention Centre. Some of the laptops or desktop models are selling at a cut-throat discount and on top of that, the dealers are throwing in a lot of freebies too.

Usually I would advice you to have an idea on what are you looking for. Example if you are looking for a laptop deal, go there early and browse around to check out the price first. After that look for a place and sit down to go through the pamphlets and compare. Make a decision and go straight to the booth, buy and leave the place.

Sim Lim Square

If you are looking for computer parts to assemble your own PC, Sim Lim Square is the choice. Or you are lazy to assemble on your own but still want to mix and match your own configuration, Sim Lim Square is still your choice. There are few shops that can assist you. The advice when buying in Sim Lim Square is try to walk around to compare the prices before making any decision.

Funan DigitaLife Mall

Funan DitiaLife Mall a more upmarket compare to Sim Lim Square. The price selling here is slightly higher and the shops don't offers assemble PC service.

There is a bookstore that selling a wide variety of computer books. If you are a programmer or IT related professional, I would recommend you to take a look.

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